About Me

I have been fascinated by the brain ever since my first child was born, and began to wonder what was actually going on inside her head as she appeared to learn effortlessly from her surroundings.

On the back of that fascination, I graduated with an Honours degree in science, followed by a second graduation from Initial Teacher Training at the University of East Anglia, and have worked in a variety of roles within the field of education ever since.

Gaining a massive knowledge base, and applying relevant skills into my own practice for more than 2 decades. I now have adult grandchildren, but remain fascinated by the brain.

It's a huge subject, but I have chosen to specialise in the area that first attracted my attention all those years ago, and is now known to have the most impact on learner success, namely what goes on inside the learner's head!

The formal bit

Liz is a fully qualified teacher and trainer with many years experience of working with children, young people and adults to support their learning, in both group and one to one situations.

As a Biologist with a special interest in the brain, she initially taught Science in High Schools and has always pursued "brain friendly" ways of teaching.

Liz also undertook additional training as a Hamlyn Fellow with the University of the First Age, and then with the British Academy of Advanced Training in order to employ the best teaching and learning methods available.

Change of Direction

Specialising in Gifted and Talented Education, Liz trained further with "Sapere" to deliver "Philosophy for Children," and with author Barbara Bell to deliver the Minimus Primary Latin project.

During her time as an Advisory Teacher, Liz developed confidence building "transition" materials for Primary schools, trained classroom teachers to use the specialist packs provided, and carried out a successful research project to raise attainment in that sector.

She has more recently supported the educational needs of vulnerable children in specialist "foster care" placements, developing further "Learning Brain" materials in the process.

Training Delivery

As a Masters level trainer of adults, Liz has written and independently delivered numerous bespoke courses with the education, voluntary and business sectors, whilst also serving as a tutor through other education providers.

She has a management qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management and spent several years as the Development Manager for a local Parenting Strategy.

Liz trained further with Parenting UK to become a "Trainer of Parent Educators," providing specialist material for parents, and the facilitators of parenting programmes.

Over recent years, Liz has also been supporting schools with their CPD needs for Cover Supervisors, Teaching Assistants, and Teachers.

Liz originally founded Learning Pockets UK to help learners in any situation to feel more confident about their ability to succeed, and has personally assisted hundreds of young people to achieve more than they, or anyone else thought possible.

In recognition of the fact that the internal environment of a learner's mind is the most significant factor for both positive mental health, and academic outcomes, Liz now provides services under the banner of "Metacognition in Practice—An Integrated Approach."

Liz Keable

(BSc Hons, PGCE, MSET, MInstLM)

Success Resources, Train the Trainer

Creating, organising, marketing and delivering training courses from the stage (2016)

University of Luton, Train the Trainer

Post Graduate Module from MSc Clinical Leadership programme, Healthcare Associate (2006)

University of East Anglia, Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Secondary Education (1999)

BSc (Hons) Combined Sciences, Anglia Polytechnic University

Degree studies including Psychology (1998)

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My Values

I would love to work with you, so I have placed my values here to provide a feel for the kind of experience you could expect as we work together on how to transform your school, your classroom or the lives of individual learners, through "metacognition in practice."


I believe that change in education can come from the formation of genuinely supportive professional relationships.


I believe that transparent communication and clarity of purpose creates partnerships that can successfully achieve change.


I believe that change should come from appropriate responses to identified need as part of an equitable process for individual students.


I believe that student potential can be released by breaking down both external and internal barriers to learning.


I believe that understanding the concept of "self" is vital for student progress, independent learning and raised attainment.


I believe that concept of "self" is currently the missing link when introducing "metacognition" as thinking about thinking.


I believe that providing this missing link is the key to the maintenance of good mental health and academic progress in school.


I believe that parents/carers and schools can have a significant impact on a learner's self-concept, which is the starting point for successful engagement in education.

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I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the role from a very experienced training expert. I was not disappointed. Liz has first class knowledge, and her practical advice on how to improve and succeed in the role gave me invaluable know-how to go back into the classroom with.

Darren Venn
Training Participant

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I would love to help you make a difference to the educational and life chances of the children and young people you care about.

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