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Help your children develop metacognition so that they can become more independent learners … and then watch as they rise above expectations.

Does your child feel somewhat lost or anxious when it comes to what they are learning in school? Do they appear to be falling behind? Have they lost interest altogether? Are they struggling with one of the known learning barriers? Do they attend school reluctantly, and therefore have a passive relationship with learning?

If so, they are not alone! Neither are you! Those are common issues, experienced by so many families, and a real source of frustration for parents and carers who want the best for their children. Part of the parenting process involves supporting children and young people to gain the skills they need to enhance their life chances, so we often worry if they are unable to engage effectively with education.

Is there a way to improve the situation? Can children and young people who are struggling to achieve in school (for whatever reason), become more successful?

Yes, the key lies in helping your children to develop metacognition! (The ability to change our own thought processes in order to get different results.)

Through the activities contained in my Learner Success Pathway (LSP), (which helps to develop metacognition), I have supported hundreds of students in person to overcome their barriers in learning and start achieving at school. The 80 page LSP pack is now available to you!

I invite you to attend; ‘Metacognition in Practice for Parents’ to access the pack and learn how to use it effectively with your child in order to ensure that they;

  • Engage more effectively with education
  • Start to appreciate their own role in the learning process
  • Become more internally motivated
  • Take greater responsibility for their own progress
  • Rise above expectations

How is that achieved?

Here is just a flavour of what you will learn (and then share at home);

  • How the brain develops and what ‘thinking’ actually is
  • How identifying learner strengths forms a basis from which to grow
  • How to ensure that a learning brain works at its best
  • How to plan for success in order to make progress
  • How small changes in the way you think can make a massive difference
  • How to overcome stress and manage difficult emotions
  • How to improve memory for greater retention

This training is perfect for you if you are a parent or carer who is concerned about your child’s progress in school. You are invited to attend an on-line training programme for 1.5 hours per week over 8 weeks to learn how to use the materials to best effect in order to support the learner you care about to become more metacognitive.

I invite you to click the button now and arrange to attend a ‘Metacognition in Practice for Parents’ training programme by contacting me either for more information or to book your spot!  Either way, I look forward to meeting you!

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