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Help students develop metacognition so that they can become more independent learners … and then watch as they rise above expectations.

You are likely to be familiar with students who are feeling lost or anxious about their own lack of academic progress, and equal numbers who brazen it out by saying that they don’t care. Some may be facing known learning barriers, whilst others have a negative view of themselves as students.

What is often missed however, is that this can be compounded by students not having a clear picture of their own role in the learning process. Many come to school reluctantly, viewing education as something being done ‘to’ them and therefore take on a passive relationship with learning.

Supporting these students can be a daily source of frustration for teachers and support staff, as we attempt to help them engage more effectively. Hampered by time constraints and demands of the curriculum, there is also the tendency (albeit a reluctant one) towards spoon feeding information rather than encouraging learners to think for themselves, because it makes life easier for everyone.

So how do we solve that? Is there an effective way to reduce your own frustration and that of your students at the same time?

Yes, the key lies in developing metacognition in your learners! (The ability to change our own thought processes in order to get different results)

‘Metacognition in Practice for Teachers’ and ‘Metacognition in Practice for Support Staff’ workshops will help you to make a real difference in the classroom just through a few simple changes to the way in which you work with the students. Watch as they;

  • Engage more effectively with you
  • Start to appreciate their own role in the learning process
  • Become more internally motivated
  • Take greater responsibility for their own progress
  • Rise above expectations

How do you achieve those results?

There are some major factors at work here, and I will share those with you. They include;

  • Why some children don’t naturally develop metacognition as a life skill and how you can help them to do so.
  • How metacognition goes way beyond ‘thinking about thinking’ and the vital missing ingredient from that definition.
  • What metacognition actually looks like in practice so that you know how to use it in the classroom to benefit your students.

This training is perfect for you if you are a teacher or member of a school’s support staff who cares about the educational and life chances of children and young people and wants to be that person who makes a real difference. In the post pandemic years, there will be an ever greater need to find ways of improving mental health and academic outcomes for learners. Helping them to develop metacognitive skills is the way to achieve that! At the same time you will bring the joy of teaching and learning back into your classroom, so it’s a win-win situation!

I invite you to click the button now and arrange to attend a ‘Metacognition in Practice’ training workshop by contacting me either for more information or to book your spot!  Either way, I look forward to meeting you!

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